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100 Home
101 Introduction
102 FAQ Page
103 Course Catalog
104 Green World
105 Demand & Supply
106 Conservation Careers
107 Solar Careers
108 Wind Turbine Careers
109 Entrepreneurs
110 Employee or Employer?
200 Demand Management
201 Summary
202 Residential Energy Profile
203 Ten Conservation Rules
204 HVAC System
205 Kitchen Appliances
206 Water Heater
207 Lighting
208 Laundry Appliances
209 Calculating Savings
300 Renewable Technology
301 Solar Energy
302 Solar Collectors
303 Solar Water Heating
304 Stirling Engines
305 Basic AC-DC Electronics
306 Silicon Solar Panels
307 Thin Film Solar Panels
308 Wind Turbines
309 Inverters
310 Grid Tied and Off Grid
311 Solar Site Survey
312 Solar Site Diagram
313 Sun Path Chart
314 Site Survey Worksheet
315 Wind Turbine Site Survey
316 Wind Turbine Worksheet
400 Solar Thermal Design
401 Solar Heat Overview
402 System Configuration
403 Site Survey
404 SRCC Compliance
405 System Specification
406 Bill of Materials
407 System Installation
408 Solar Heat Incentives
409 Document Package
410 Future Products
500 Solar PV Design
501 Solar PV Overview
502 System Configuration
503 Site Survey
504 Grid Tied & Off Grid
505 System Specification
506 Bill of Materials
507 System Installation
508 Solar PV Incentives
509 Document Package
510 Future Products
600 Wind Turbine Design
601 Wind Turbine Overview
602 System Configuration
603 Site Survey
604 Grid Tied and Off Grid
605 System Specification
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Introduction to Green Collar Job Training

About the Learning Modules

This website was structured as a mini-course program with a short series of course modules.  Each course provides only the relevant knowledge required without specialized details.  For example you'll learn how to put together a grid tied solar electric system, but you won't learn how to make a solar panel from sand.

The navigation bar show you where you are with a red background on the link.

There are no tests to take - yet.  We are in the process of developing an accredited test and credentialing program to provide certification of future students.

Supply & Demand Summary

Clean Energy begins with demand; without demand we need no supply. In our homes and buildings we take for granted that the invisible energy will flow when as we flip the switch and pay no attention to it at all. Whether its to power a light or an oven, or a television, or even to cool down the room, we seldom think about the effect that switch will have on the power meter – except maybe when we open the utility bill.

Demand Management offers a broad range of opportunities and has been a growing segment of the Clean Energy sector for over a quarter of a century. 80% of all homes in America can reduce their utility bills by over 20% with improved comfort. 75% of all commercial buildings can reduce their utility bills by over 25% with no impact to production. Demand Management is the low hanging fruit off the Clean Energy segment as well as the low profile side.

Supply Management is the high profile segment of Clean Energy. Mention “Green Energy” and mental images of wind turbines or solar panels come to mind. Supply Management is more costly to implement yet has a higher opportunity growth rate mostly due to the visibility and convenience it offers the customer.

About the Green Collar Training Job Training - FREE Website

In 1989 8th grade Science Teacher George Baker enjoyed his summer months playing golf and working around the house on new science projects for his students.  He noticed his power bills had escalated significantly over the 5 years he lived in his home - at a much faster rate of increase then the utility cost per kWh had increased.  Little did he realize that his "project" to reduce his power bill would lead him down the path to building a multimillion dollar business.

It began with checking the obvious appliances that consumed the most power.  He applied his scientific skills and researched appliances, the relationship to building structure and energy efficiency, and common causes of increasing home energy consumption.  In less then a week George identified sources that had increased his power bill by over 1/3.  This was George's first Home Energy Audit and his list of updates was ready.  Budgeting about $200 he went down to the local building supply store, purchased the materials and in less then a day installed the materials.

George spoke to a few his neighbors, they all shared the same increasing costs.  A couple asked him to help them "audit" their own homes often with dinner in exchange, to which George agreed.

Everyone noticed the results in their next electric bill.  Word spread through George's neighborhood and George soon realized he was on to something.   The following summer George began to take on Home Energy Auditing full time to see where it would take him;  by the end of the summer George decided to take a big step and quit his job as a teacher and run his business full time.

Over the years George expanded his business at first offering Solar Hot Water Heating systems, and later adding Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) and then Wind Turbines electrical generation system sales and installation.

In 2007 one of the construction firms that often contracted to George made him a lucrative offer to buy his business and George retired.  George enjoyed his free time for sailing and golf, but soon found a need for career fulfillment and began some consulting which led to training for a major outplacement firm during the economic downturn. 

The content of this website was developed from the experience and knowledge that George acquired during his 18 years in the renewable energy business with the intent that others can benefit from Green Collar Job opportunities.