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Course Title
100 Home
101 Introduction
102 FAQ Page
103 Course Catalog
104 Green World
105 Demand & Supply
106 Conservation Careers
107 Solar Careers
108 Wind Turbine Careers
109 Entrepreneurs
110 Employee or Employer?
200 Demand Management
201 Summary
202 Residential Energy Profile
203 Ten Conservation Rules
204 HVAC System
205 Kitchen Appliances
206 Water Heater
207 Lighting
208 Laundry Appliances
209 Calculating Savings
300 Renewable Technology
301 Solar Energy
302 Solar Collectors
303 Solar Water Heating
304 Stirling Engines
305 Basic AC-DC Electronics
306 Silicon Solar Panels
307 Thin Film Solar Panels
308 Wind Turbines
309 Inverters
310 Grid Tied and Off Grid
311 Solar Site Survey
312 Solar Site Diagram
313 Sun Path Chart
314 Site Survey Worksheet
315 Wind Turbine Site Survey
316 Wind Turbine Worksheet
400 Solar Thermal Design
401 Solar Heat Overview
402 System Configuration
403 Site Survey
404 SRCC Compliance
405 System Specification
406 Bill of Materials
407 System Installation
408 Solar Heat Incentives
409 Document Package
410 Future Products
500 Solar PV Design
501 Solar PV Overview
502 System Configuration
503 Site Survey
504 Grid Tied & Off Grid
505 System Specification
506 Bill of Materials
507 System Installation
508 Solar PV Incentives
509 Document Package
510 Future Products
600 Wind Turbine Design
601 Wind Turbine Overview
602 System Configuration
603 Site Survey
604 Grid Tied and Off Grid
605 System Specification
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Green Collar Careers Course Catalog

General Information

Developed as eight modules, each module contains ten mini-courses that take about 15 minutes each to review.  At the bottom of each page is a Search Tool designed to augment any additional subject learning relevant to that page.  Every student comes in with a different knowledge and interest base, so we encourage students to explore links to detailed information on the subjects they find most interesting or valuable.

If you're prospecting for a Green Collar job that requires a specific skill set, it is advisable to open the most applicable course and use the Search Tool for relevant information that will provide you with an edge over other applicants.

Module Descriptions

100 Series - Provides a basic overview on how to benefit from this program.  Beginning with an introduction to the program and a high level view of the projected growth in the Green Industries, the range of career opportunities are discussed along with the options to explore opening your own ground floor business.

200 Series - Provides an explanation of the key conservation elements impacting Demand Management.  Green Collar job growth began ramp in Demand Management nearly a decade ago lacking visibility to the career seeker.

300 Series - Provides a range of renewable energy systems that are growing at an increasing rate.  There is just enough technical information to give a reasonable understanding of how each system works, but not so much to be overwhelming.  Using the Search Tools will allow the student to access any detailed information they desire.

400 Series - Provides the required components and system considerations to design a Solar Thermal Collector system for heating purposes.

500 Series - Provides the required components and system considerations to design a Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) system for electricity generation.  Explains the basics for both Grid-Tied and Battery back up systems and where to get detailed information for connecting to the local utility.

600 Series - Provides the required components and system considerations to design a Wind Turbine system for electricity generation.