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Green Collar Conservation Careers

Green Collar Conservation Careers create a new category of Demand Planning that recruiting career specialists haven't understood very well.  As a result typical job titles and descriptions are often well disguised on internet job boards and other job advertisements.  There are several independent ad-hoc agencies that provide certifications of one form or another for inspectors, auditors and engineers seeking Green Collar Conservation Careers.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating Systemô is a third-party certification program and claims to be the nationally accepted standard certification.  LEED has various levels of certification and requires minimal training at fairly expensive rates.  Plan on spending about $500 for each of the 3 modules.  Classes are not often scheduled in a convenient location so you may need to travel up to 500 miles to attend each class.  Most employers who advertise a LEEDS Certificate requirement will accept alternative certificates or experience.  In our experience LEED is more focused to sell building products then it is for a cost effective consumer experience.

Part of the federal government Economic Stimulus Package includes over $50 billion for conservation and renewable energy funding for federal buildings. 

Commercial and Industrial Green Collar Conservation Careers

Note that the actual job titles may not match advertised jobs as there are no uniform standards across the industry with these career directions.

Building Auditor - Identifies structural insulation factors and takes an inventory of all the energy consuming devices.  May operate test equipment to measure temperatures, illumination levels, airflow, air leakage, thermal leakage, current draw and building layout.  May generate Building Efficiency Rating Report.  Requires the ability to climb ladders, carry up to 35 Lbs, PC proficiency and up to 50% 1-2 day travel.  Salaries range from $35000 - $60000 depending on the level of technical knowledge of buildings and structures.

Building Efficiency Engineer - Able to perform all of the Building Auditor tasks plus; analyze details from Building Efficiency Rating Report and recommend component changes with accurate estimates for cost savings required component costs.  Capable of specifying equipment and all support materials.  Capable of programming any devices recommended for installation.  Capable of preparing customer operational documentation package.  Salaries range from $40000 - $70000 depending on technical skills.

Building Efficiency Project Manager - Able to perform all of the Building Efficiency Engineer tasks plus; installation estimates, project scheduling, resource tracking, project costing, and customer facing skills.  Salaries range from $55000 - $90000 depending on negotiation and technical skills.

Residential Green Collar Conservation Careers

Home Auditor - Similar to Building Efficiency Engineer above.  Salaries range from $35000 - $55000 depending on technical skills.

Home Energy Consultant - Similar to Building Efficiency Project Manager above.  This is an entrepreneurial position (self employment).  In addition, you will need to identify a set of qualified contractors who can install basic materials such as door seals and insulation.  Your job will be to perform the audit and advise the customer, and set up any services required.  Generally Home Energy Consultants earn between $300 and $500 a day.