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Green Collar Wind Turbine Careers

Wind Turbines have been the primary system of choice among the utility industry due to the higher likelihood of 24 hour a day power available from them.  Wind Turbine systems also have been proven the most cost effective solution for large scale renewable power generation and as such the majority of Wind Turbine careers are in the industrial sector.  If you prefer corporate life over small business Wind Turbines may be your best career choice.

Wind Turbine career growth has been phenomenal over the last few years and has already created a very competitive talent raiding environment for some key skilled areas.  For example in 2008 a typical Gearbox Engineer was hiring in at $65-$75,000 a year, while in 2009 the same positions are paying $90-$120,000 a year.  Talent raiding trends are expected to continue for the next 4-5 years.  The following is only a partial list of careers.

Carbon Credit Supply Chain - Almost identical to that of the Solar industry, many of these jobs are more likely to be posted on internet job boards as the industry has reached a mature business model.  Excellent ground floor opportunity as no one has experience in this arena!

Wind Turbine Technicians/Installers - Wind Turbines require routine maintenance with mechanical systems (focused on gearbox, brakes and system hydraulics) electrical systems (AC/DC, cabling, and PLC systems), structural integrity and good physical condition.  These positions are generally at the Wind Turbine sites and are often outside of urban centers.  Salaries range from $35000 - $50000 depending on technical skills and experience.

Wind Turbine Operation Engineers - Wind Turbines have gearboxes rated for 2000 HP and more that require engineering attention to detail in order to maintain a long and reliable life.  Skills include large scale gears and bearings, experience with AGMA calculations, data acquisition and analysis, oil analysis, hydraulics, and electromechanical systems.  Demand for these skills are rapidly rising as the installed base of systems begins to age and require service.  Service centers will also require dynamometer knowledge.  Salaries range from $65000 - $120000 depending on technical skills and experience.

Wind Turbine Structural Engineers - Wind Turbine towers are highly stressed structures that require licensed Professional Engineers for the design, installation, commissioning, and inspection.  Most of these positions will work out of a central office with significant travel.  Salaries range from $80000 - $100000 depending on technical skills and experience.

Wind Turbine Electrical Engineers - Wind Turbine electricity is generally converted to DC then inverted to a 3 phase AC sine wave.  Most are low voltage however some larger systems are now in the medium voltage range.  Inverters, IGBTs, phase modules, controllers and ground faults and earth grounding strategies with some medium voltage experience.  Professional Engineering License is beneficial.  Salaries range from $85000 - $140000 depending on technical skills and experience.

Wind Turbine Site Planning Engineers - Wind Turbine site planners work with GPS and wind flow mapping software to identify optimal placement of towers.  Variations in wind velocity, direction, and terrain all vary by location so placement of towers is ultra critical.  Salaries range from $50000 - $80000 depending on technical skills and experience.

Wind Turbine Project Managers - Installation and commissioning of Wind Turbines requires a general high level technical knowledge of the systems and subsystems with heavy reliance on the subject matter experts.  Local codes, utility requirements, contractor management, risk analysis, site safety practices, and tower (tall crane) construction are additional special experiences to have.  Project Managers often have assistants who can evolve their roles into Project Managers.  Salaries range from $100000 - $180000 depending on technical skills and experience.