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Green Collar Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Green is the word for entrepreneurs looking for the right opportunity to open a new business!

For under $1000 you can begin performing residential energy audits and earn up to $500 a day.  For around $10000 you can open your own Renewable Energy System Sales & Installation business.  The best advice in starting a business is to start small and work your way up as quickly as possible.

The following shows the proven progression model for a successful Green Collar business startup:

1) Residential Energy Audits - Closing the first sale is probably the biggest achievement in any entrepreneur's business life.  Its the steepest slope to climb!  After you've past that hurdle you'll be refining your skills to service the customers for a while.  Each job will get a little easier.  Once you've established the confidence you deserve you'll begin to realize that most customers would gain some major benefits with a renewable system. 

As your confidence rises begin establishing contacts with any local/regional contractors who install solar or wind turbine systems.  Chances are you may need to travel 100-200 or more miles to visit them personally.  Introduce yourself as an independent consultant who is looking for a subcontractor they can refer for service to your clients.  Take the time to inspect the work of the potential contractor at some of their jobsites.  You are creating a new partner in this relationship.  If possible find a second and a third contractor and pick the one you think is most qualified.

2) Renewable Energy System Sales - After maybe 50 Residential Audits if you've identified a couple of good subcontractors for system installation its almost certain you'll find some excellent opportunities to interest the customer in a solar or wind system.  If you can refer the work to a subcontractor, you will also deserve a fair commission - generally ranging from 5% - 15%.  The closer you bring that customer closing the sale for the subcontractor, the higher the percentage you'll earn.

3) Turnkey Audit & Renewable Energy Business - By working with a subcontractor to install maybe a dozen systems and at least a year of selling renewable systems, you may be ready to take one more step up the ladder.  This will be the second biggest step in the business;  You'll become responsible for the financial transaction of materials and payroll so you will need to be financially strong.

The majority of the independent subcontractors who are already in the Green Collar business followed those same 3 steps.