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Green Collar Careers Employee or Employer?

The first step towards opening a new business is a leap of faith and the most valuable capital is self confidence.  That takes an "I can" attitude without fear of failure.  Nearly every successful business begins with a series of failures and rejections from those the entrepreneur was hoping would give support in some way.  Job seekers of today experience that same type of failure with every resume they send out with one difference;  they rarely have face-to-face rejection as most of the failures occur with emailing a resume they never hear from which they never hear a response. 

Choosing to be an employee takes less self confidence then choosing to be an entrepreneur.  While the number of failures with the typical job hunt are much higher then entrepreneur failures, they are much more subtle.  Taking from a simple psychology lesson, job hunters tend to diminish their own self confidence by find a comfort with accepting these softer and more subtle failures as they send out a litany of resumes.  Entrepreneurs tend to develop the skills of managing these failures to turn them into successes. 

When an entrepreneur fails in their own successful business maybe due to particularly down market or other reason beyond their control, they've developed proven leadership skills that every employer wants.  In most cases the fastest rising employees in a business are those who previously opened and ran a small business at one time.

No career is permanent, particularly in today's business world.  The most secure career is that of an entrepreneur, and even entrepreneurs are not 100% secure.

Green Collar business opportunities for entrepreneurs is like a rich fertile field;  the time to open a Green business will never be better. 

Green Collar workforce opportunities are just beginning to grow.  These opportunities first began to grow from larger corporations that could afford the investments on longer term payback products & services.  Wind Turbines are a good example;  early wind power systems weren't originally cost competitive with most fossil fuel power sources however several pioneers invested in them knowing that they would have a lead in a growing industry.  Today with the incentives and marketing value of renewable energy those wind turbines are quite profitable.

Leading the way for Green Collar jobs will be the growth among the entrepreneurs followed by the corporate and even federal workforce.  Whether you choose to be an employee or employer is a decision each person has to carefully weigh.  There are benefits to doing one the other or even both.

As you go through the Green Collar courses, take a look at the businesses that show up to see what the offer.  Pick up the phone and call them as a prospective customer.  You can learn so much about a business that way!

The more you can learn about the technology, business, and market the more self confidence you'll have to make the best decision on how to proceed down the Green Collar path.  Like any new field there is little guidance and experience - and that lack of general knowledge inhibits all Green Collar job seekers.

If you are reading this sentence you're already a "leg up" on your competition.  Not to sound like a cliché, but if you've done some research on the various training programs the first thing you'll notice are the cost is in the thousands of dollars and none of them provide any guarantees.  How many others do you think are really buying that training?

So the choice is yours, and more importantly, the choice can be made at anytime.

Employer or employee?