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Green Collar Careers - Demand Management & the Home Energy Audit

At the heart of every business are the laws of Supply & Demand.  Demand Management forms the foundation for the Green Collar industry; without demand, we would need no supply.  Therefore it should be pretty clear why we would start with Demand Management.  Home Energy Audits are an audit of the demand for energy in a home. 

Details of Demand Management are crucial to understand and provide some significant value opportunities to both customers and businesses that offer programs to reduce customer demand.  The vast majority of consumers are uneducated in their energy usage and the steps they can take for a valuable savings to their energy costs.

99% of the time when an electrical device is switched on or off, its simply due to a user request;  requests that are made with unconscious consideration of the cost.

Simple common sense tells people to turn off lights they aren't using; obviously they can see the light.  Unused lighting is really a very small part of the wasted power, it just happens to be the one we can see.

Electricity is invisible and so are the most common forms of energy waste;  some of the larger ones are things like air leaks around doors and windows.  In some cases we may feel a draft, and even then, all too often those air leaks are ignored.  A poorly sealed door can account for $300 a year in wasted power on the average home in the southern half of America.  That's only one of many things covered in the Demand Management module.

As you go through the Demand Management module, take what you learn and apply to your own household.  More then likely you will be able to reduce your own power bill by at least 20% with no loss of comfort.

In each of the renewable energy modules current demand and future demand growth are important considerations for sizing the respective systems.  Demand Management is the least fascinating side of Green Collar Career sciences, but probably the most important.

Demand Management offers the shortest route to beginning your Green Collar Career performing Home Energy Audits.  In this module you will learn the most important elements to provide customers with valuable and effective Home Energy Audits.  We've focused only on the items that will account for the top 90% of energy savings as the remaining 10% would add another thousand pages.  Moreover that last 10% changes almost daily and usually isn't cost effective.  If you want to get started earning cash as soon as possible Green Collar Job Training - FREE provides the fast track to a lucrative business where customers will really benefit!

Your income will be even higher if you have a couple of "Handyman Contractors" to recommend for some of the remedial repairs you discover during a Home Energy Audit.  Of course if you have some basic handyman skills such as installing door seals, or operating a vacuum cleaner you can easily double your income.

Also included with the training is a free downloadable Home Energy Audit Report Template that you can use for Home Energy Audits and to calculate additional services and billing.  You will need some basic Microsoft Excel skills and there is training offered on this template inside the module.

With the training in this module, and ability to use the Home Energy Audit Report Template you will learn how to profit from performing Home Energy Audits while providing valuable savings to your customers.