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Green Collar Careers - Fabricating a Solar Survey Transit

Home Made Transit

Using a  video tripod with a center post or removable head it can be can converted in into a Solar Survey Transit for determining sun azimuth / direction and elevation / altitude paths.

Materials needed:

  • Video tripod with removable rotating head ($30)
  • Abney Level  ($40)
  • Round 360 4-6" diameter Protractor with solid center ($5)
  • 3" diameter margarine tub lid
  • Two 1-1/4" inner diameter flat washers (just large enough to fit over stem)


  1. Remove the rotating head from the tripod.
  2. Drill a hole dead center in the protractor just large enough to slide over the tripod head stem
  3. Drill a hole dead center in the margarine tub lid just large enough to slide over the tripod head stem
  4. Trim the outside of the margarine tub lid just enough that the protractor scale can be read
  5. Install the first washer on the stem
  6. Install the protractor on the stem
  7. Install the margarine tub lid on the stem
  8. Install the second washer on the stem
  9. Reassemble the head with the protractor pieces fixed to the stem
  10. Mount the Abney Level on the camera mounting screw

The stem height should be set so it slightly binds the protractor.  You will rotate the protractor to calibrate 0 to magnetic north using the compass.  It will later be reset to true north for the survey.

Chances are there will be steel parts in the tripod that may affect a compass reading.  Check alignment to magnetic north with the compass at least 10 feet away then move closer to the tripod to see where/if any changes begin to occur.