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Green Collar Careers - Wind Turbine Grid and Off Grid Applications

Utility requirements for Grid Tied for wind turbines are much the same as for Solar PV Grid Tie systems.  The utility will still need to approve the system including the inverter, grounding, and disconnects.

to identify inverters approved for the utility your customer is using, search through the Database of State Incentives and Renewable Energy and find the utility service.  There should be a link to their requirements for Grid Tied systems.   A few utilities may not have qualified any wind turbines for grid tied connection so be sure to check with them in advance.


Off Grid wind turbines have several possible configurations.

Initial applications for wind turbines have typically been off-grid to power pumps for irrigation and livestock water supplies.  This lead to the development of 24 VDC brush type generators.  Generators were connected to a Charge Controller that limited the level of charge voltage supplied to batteries.

As residential power supply began to grow many of the DC wind turbines have been used for both Grid Tied and Off -Grid applications.  DC generator systems do not offer the performance of modern AC systems.

For an Off Grid application a DC Generator will be the lowest cost system to purchase, and for many applications the DC system will offer a lower cost alternative to solar as well.